Corporate Clients

Obecní dům - červen 2012

B. Smetana Hall in Municipal House, Prague, June 2012


Table decoration in B.Smetana Hall, Municipal House. The client ordered romantic bouquets (vases incl.) . Our company provided 55 bouquets that were delivered and set under control of our florist.




Žofín - červenec 2012

Zofin palace, July 2012


Large Hall, Vestibule and Salon decoration accordingly to the client’s specifications, including vases types for the tables. The price ranged from 190 to 550 CzK depending on flower decorations size and placement.




NDNV - srpen 2012

National House Vinohrady, July 2012


National House (Vinohrady) Foyer and banquet tables flower decoration accordingly to the customer’s requests. Vases arrangement and flower decoration were done on set. One bouquet budget was 350 CzK.